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Mo Ali
Kedar Williams-Stirling, Adam Deacon, Ashley Bashy Thomas, Michael Socha, Jan Uddin, Kaya Scodelario, Jennie Jacques, Rheanne Murray, Jerome Holder, Colin Salmon

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"Shank" portrays the future of London as a gritty, urban nightmare, where violence rules the streets and children in youth gangs kill each other over scraps of food. In the near future, Great Britain has privatized most of its social institutions and the gap between the poor and the rich has become separated by walls and security systems. Food has become the most valued commodity on the crowded ghetto streets of London. Social life among the young is entirely dominated by gang activity, but one of the gangs, called "The Paper Runners" is less violent than all the others. Soon, though, its members will get caught up in a game of greed and violence...


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